DailyEnglish(Aug 3)

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
                    -Dan Stanfort(美国实业家斯坦福)

Accounting English(会计英语)

The chief accounting officer of a company is the controller, or comptroller, as he or she is sometimes called.
Controllers are responsible for maintaining the records of the company’s operations.On the basis of the data that have been recorded, they measure the company’s performance;they interpret the results of the operations; and they plan and recommend future actions.

This position is very close to the top of management. Indeed, a controller is often just a step away from being the executive officer of a corporation.


·音形义 Everyday Expressions
n. 鸟
She killed two birds with one stone by shopping and visiting the
museum on the same trip. (她 出门一次,既买了东西又参观了博物馆,真是一举两得。)
n. 家伙,人
She is a strange bird.

·衍生词语 birdy (小鸟球,高尔夫两杆进洞球。一杆进洞球---eagle。
·常见搭配 Useful Phrases
益鸟 --- a useful bird
害鸟 --- a pernicious bird
候鸟 --- a bird of passage
不死鸟(长生鸟) --- the bird of wonder (phoenix)
鸟瞰图,要点 --- bird's eye view

·习语与俗语 Idioms & Slangs
bird in the bush --- 没把握的事
bird in the hand --- 有把握的事
the birds and the bees --- (对孩子解释的)有关两性关系的基本常识
early bird---最早的人,早起的人
flip/ give somebody the bird --- 骂人的话(give somebody the finger)

·生活用语 Street Talks
A: I'll never be a telephone operator! That job is for the birds(毫无价值的/无聊 的)
B: That's you! Personally, I think it's an interesting job.
A: Gee, you are one strange bird. (古怪的人)
A: Hi Rick,guess what, Wallace's twenty years old and doesn't Know
about the birds and the bees.
B: You're kidding!
C: Hey guys, what're you talking about?
A: We're talking about Wallace.
C: What about him?
B: Jack says Wallace doesn't know about the birds and the bees!!!
C: That explains why he's a bird-watcher! (喜欢盯着女人看的男人)
A: What are you doing up here?
B: I want to get a bird's eye view of the campus. I don't think I'll ever be an early bird.
A: Do you see that?
B: What?
A: That guy just gave you the bird!

·谚语 Proverbs
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 一鸟在手胜于两鸟在林。[明天得一百不如今天得五十/到手的才是可靠的]
Birds of the same feather flock together. 羽毛相同的鸟会结群在一起。[物以类聚]
The early bird catches the worm. 早起的鸟有虫吃。[捷足先登。]
Kill two birds with one stone. 用一个石头打死两只鸟。[一箭双雕,一举两得]


... be likely to ...
结构:主词+be likely+to-不定词…
说明:此句型意为“…可能…”。likely 表示具有充分根据的预测。有时<句型>可变为“It is likely that ...”。
One’s first impression is likely to be that everyone is in a rush.
He is likely to arrive at any time. 他可能随时会到。
His health is likely to get worse. 他的健康可能会恶化。

Daily Oral(每日口语)

1.When will it be ready? 什么时候能准备好?
If someone is ready, they are properly prepared for something. If something is ready, it has been properly prepared and is now able to be used.
   It took her a long time to get ready for church...
   Are you ready to board, Mr. Daly?...
   Tomorrow he would tell his pilot to get the aircraft ready...

2.We'll take our holiday sometime in August.我们将在八月份的某个时候休假。


1. Do you think you'll be able to go to sleep fight away? 你认为你马上就能睡着吗?
2. I am in charge of the company when the manager is out. 经理不在时山我来管理公司。
3. I borrowed a notebook from Tom and I lent it to Marry.我从汤姆那儿借了一本笔记本,我又把它借给玛丽了。

Daily News(每日新闻)

Three killed in passenger train collision in C China
CHANGSHA, June 29 (Xinhua)

  -- Two passenger trains collided(碰撞,冲突)in central China early Monday, leaving at least three people dead and
60 injured.

The accident took place at 2:34 am at Chenzhou railway station in Hunan Province, said an official from Guangzhou Railway Group, which operates station and the trains involved in涉及(包含在...中) the crash[kræʃ] 碰撞.

Train K9017 from the provincial capital Changsha to Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, and train K9063 from Tongren, Guizhou Province, to Shenzhen collided, driving several carriages ['kæridƷ]车厢 off the tracks.

The K9017 locomotive[,lǝukǝ'mǝutiv]火车头 and the first five carriages as well as the K9036 locomotive and the first two carriages were derailed火车出轨, the official said.

The fourth carriage of the K9017 was the most seriously damaged,rescuers said.

Yuan Shuxian, a student in her early 20s from Guangdong Province,had four stitches['stitʃǝ] 缝线 in her leg.

Recalling her horrible['hɔrǝbl] 可怕的 experience in the train, Yuan said that as she didn't have a ticket for a seat, she was standing at the joint 接口处 between the fourth and the fifth carriages when the accident happened.

"Suddenly the train began to wobble['wɔbl] 摇晃,动摇, so violently['vaiǝlǝntli] adj. 猛烈的,激烈的,极端的 that it was like a ship in the sea and I could hardly stand," she said.

"Then I saw sparks[spɑ:ks]火花 from the train, before all the lights went off...It was fearful and my heart seems to break. My mind went totally blank," she continued.

Several seconds later when she cooled down, she heard people shouting and crying in the darkness. A crack appeared in the floor of the train and many people jumped out.

"I didn't know how deep it could be, but I jumped with my classmates," she said.

They waited outside for about ten minutes. Then the ambulance['æmbjulǝns]救护车 arrived, taking them to a local(['lǝukǝl] 当地的)hospital.

One of the trains crashed into two nearby houses, causing them to collapse(坍塌).

"A strong voice pulled me out of dream," said Wang Manju, whose house is next to the station. She was astonished([ǝ'staniʃt] 惊讶的)when she opened the door, to see the alley(['æli] n. 小路,巷)filled with dust and an overturned倒转的 carriage.

"The train was twisted['twistid] 扭曲的. Parts seemed to be torn down. I called the police after hearing screaming from the train,"Wang said.

Two bodies was found in the store in front of Wang's house. The two, buried in the debris['debri:, 'deib-]碎片,残骇 , were a mother surnamed['sǝ:neim] 姓 Li and her son.

"It was terrible to look at," Wang cried.

The electricity supply was also cut, rescuers said, giving no information about when it would be resumed([ri'zju:m,'resu'mi]

Services in one direction of the line resumed at 10 a.m. and the other resumed at 2:30 p.m., said the official.

Thousands of passengers had been stranded(['strændid]搁浅的,进退两难的) in Chenzhou Railway Station. More than 50 buses had been sent to transport them to their destinations([,desti'neiʃǝn] 目的地,终点).

As of midday, almost 1,000 passengers had been transported[træns'pɔ:t] 运输 by 26 buses to Guangdong Province, the official said.
All the injured had been taken to nearby hospitals.

Railways Minister Liu Zhijun has gone to Chenzhou, 300 kilometers from Changsha, capital of Hunan, to oversee'ǝuvǝ'si:] 监督 the rescue work.

The ministry and the provincial government are investigating the cause of the accident.

Another fatal ['feitl]致命的 train collision happened on April 28 last year when two passenger trains collided, leaving 72 dead and 416 injured. The railway was interrupted([,intǝ'rΛptid] v. 中断(阻止) for more than 21 hours.

Investigation showed the accident was caused by speeding.

In May, Minister Liu was given a demerit([di'merit] 记过)by the State Council as a discipline(['disiplin]纪律,惩罚) punishment.